Raised in Texas, Tyler Black graduated from Martin High School Arlington Tex. Class of 1997. Tyler joined the Navy and was selected for Naval Special Warfare Training, (BUDS) , 1999 Class of 228.

SEAL TEAM 5 (2000-2002) – Jumpmaster / Air Operations Master. Graduate Naval Special Warfare Sniper School. Deployed to Combat Theatre

SEAL TEAM 7 (2002-2006) Plankowner – Mobility Lead / Breacher / Air Ops Manager.

Numerous Deployments Iraq and Pacific region

Advanced Training Command, Kodiak Alaska (2006-2008) ATC Plankowner – Instructor for OTB Over the Beach Cold Weather Combat Training, Cold Weather Maritime, Cold Weather Survival, Long Range Cold Weather Navigation.

San Diego Advance Training Command (2008-2009)
Combat Dive Supervisor Instructor, SEAL Weapons Range Operations Safety Officer

SEAL TEAM 5 (2009-2011) Chief Petty Officer for Echo Platoon and 2Troop.

Special Operations Command Central (2011-2012) – CENTOM Joint Liaison

SEAL TEAM 17 (2012-2014) – AD Training Chief

Naval Special Warfare Liaison Coordinator, NRD Houston Texas (2014-Present)